Affordable Housing is Welcome in SoHo/NoHo; Bigger Retail & Upzoning are NOT


  • Your Municipal Officials
  • Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
  • Councilmember Margaret Chin
  • Speaker Corey Johnson
  • Department of City Planning Chair Marisa Lago
  • Councilmember Carlina Rivera
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio


I oppose allowing larger retail and upzoning in SoHo or NoHo, the latter being unnecessary to provide affordable housing

Dear [Decision Maker],

I strongly oppose any changes to the zoning for SoHo and NoHo which would "upzone" the area or increase the allowable size or scale of development beyond the generous allowances which already exist. The current push by (among others) big real estate interests to upzone the area are utilizing claims that it is the only or best way to address affordability in the area -- which is patently false. I am also strongly against any change that would allow larger retail than current rules allow.

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