14-16 Fifth Avenue Demolition and Replacement Plan Is Still Wrong


  • LPC Chair Sarah Carroll
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio


I still strongly oppose demolition of the landmarked former townhouses at 14-16 Fifth Ave., and urge you to reject this plan.

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you not to approve the revised proposal for the May 11 hearing for 14-16 Fifth Avenue. Buildings like these are the reasons why the landmarks law exists. And the proposed replacement is still too big.

As demonstrated by the voluminous evidence submitted by Village Preservation, these buildings were connected to incredibly historically significant figures throughout their existence, including since their 1937 renovation. This includes those who built them, and the captains of industry, philanthropists, prominent jurists, writers, inventors, actors, editors, and political reformers who lived in them from the 19th through the 20th centuries. It was disturbing and disappointing that at the last LPC hearing, several commissioners claimed no one of any significance lived here for any significant period of time nor did anything significant while here, when the evidence to the contrary is incontrovertible and has been submitted to the LPC.

I thus strongly urge you not to approve the revised plan for demolition. However, should the Commission decide to allow demolition, the proposed new building is still simply too tall. It towers over every other building except the extraordinary 1 Fifth Ave.'s pinnacle. It would still be significantly taller than the average building on Fifth Avenue in the Greenwich Village Historic District and many times taller than the average building on its block.

I urge you to reject this application.

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