Save the Merchant's House Museum


  • Members of the Landmarks Preservation Commission
  • NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio


Proposed construction next door to the Merchant's House Museum could do grave damage to this historic and vital public resource

Dear [Decision Maker],

Proposed construction next door to the Merchant's House Museum at 27 East 4th Street presents a very serious potential danger to one of New York's first landmarks and an incredibly vital and essential public cultural and educational resource. I strongly urge you to ensure that no construction takes place next door which would leave the Museum damaged or prevent public access to or enjoyment of this beloved institution.

The large proposed building next door poses a serious threat to the Museum. The interior of the building could face serious damage, and even the structural integrity of the building could be damaged or undermined. The latest iteration of the plan for construction here actually has a larger footprint than the prior one, thus potentially posing an even greater danger.

Millions of public dollars have been invested over the years in the Museum and its upkeep and renovation, as well as repairing damage from neighboring work in the past. Thousands of New Yorkers benefit from its educational programs and the living history lessons it provides each year. It makes no sense for on the one hand this kind of public investment to be made, and on the other hand for the City to potentially approve construction next door which would so greatly damage or undo that longtime investment.

For all these reasons, I urge the Landmarks Preservation Commission and all city agencies to work together to ensure the Merchants House is kept safe and not damaged by any construction next door.

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