Wednesday, March 3, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Alumni Career Programs GWebinar: "Start Now! Actions to Launch the International Career of Your Dreams" (Online)


Online via Zoom

Event Description

This Alumni Career Programs GWebinar will be presented by Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Bucknor, GSEHD EdD '18, CEO and Founder of Align to Action. Whether you're curious about a short-term international opportunity or want to live out your full career in another country, this presentation will provide practical actions for taking strategic steps to design your own international career path.

The average person will spend over 40 years working in their lifetime- why not make your career journey an international adventure? Did you know that pursing an international experience can be a strategic career move to help you get ahead? There are many benefits to living and working abroad that directly and indirectly build your skillset. There has no better time in history to be adept at understanding and navigating cultural and linguistic diversity. Even during the pandemic, there are steps you can take now to begin setting the foundation for an exciting and rewarding international career.

During this session, Dr. Liz will help you understand the full spectrum of an international career path, explain how working abroad can catapult your career trajectory, and provide insights into benefits and challenges to living abroad. Participants will also leave this session with a few practical next steps for designing their international career journey. There will be a Q&A session with all participants following Dr. Liz's presentation.


Headshot.jpgDr. Liz Bucknor, GSEHD EdD '18, is the CEO and Founder of Align to Action where she serves as a Certified Life and Leadership Coach. Through personalized coaching and development programs, Dr. Liz helps young professionals clarify their life and career vision and take confident action towards their goals. She has spent over 20 years immersed in the field of personal and professional development and applies this knowledge to help her clients make a lasting impact in their lives.

After growing up in small town Texas, Dr. Liz embarked on an international journey that enabled her to work and study her way across 6 continents. She followed her passion for languages and cultures and found creative and economic ways to live and travel overseas. Dr. Liz has previously worked for the Australian and French Governments and has traveled to numerous other countries along the way. She now resides in Washington, DC and stays closely connected to the international community.

System Requirements

This GWebinar is open to all GW alumni and will take place via Zoom. Access details will be provided once you register.

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