Thursday, May 13, 2021
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Sip N' Slay with the Happy Hour Fund



Event Description

Join the LGBTQ+ Alumni Committee to learn how to make two cocktails, a "sakura sling" AND a “choose your own adventure”margarita", with expert mixologist Erin Petrey, BA ESIA '08. She’ll provide the tips, tricks, and tales of these cocktails. Before you start sipping on your delicious cocktails, join the LGBTQ+ Alumni Committee to hear about the Happy Hour Fund founded by GW alum who are helping workers laid off from the pandemic. There will be time for conversations after both presentations. All are welcome to attend!

The class will begin promptly at 6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST and is open to all alumni, however space is limited.

Cocktails You Will Learn:

  • Sakura Sling
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Margarita
Materials Needed to Participate Fully (Not Required to Attend):

Sakura Sling 
  • Gin 
  • 1 Lemon 
  • Rich Simple Syrup (see recipe below, make before class) 
  • Cherry Preserves/Jam (Raspberry or Strawberry will also work!) 
  • Fresh Basil 
  • Dry Vermouth 
  • Granulated Salt (table salt) 
  • Optional: Cherry for garnish (Luxardo, Brandied, or Fresh) 
  • For non-alcoholic option: soda water + apple cider vinegar (trust me!)
Choose Your Own Adventure Margarita! 
  • Tequila (blanco or reposado) 
  • 2 Limes 
  • Rich Simple Syrup (recipe below) or Agave Nectar 
  • Fruit of choice (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, mango, jalapeño, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber, etc.) 
  • Optional: salt or Tajin for rimming 
  • For non-alcoholic option: soda water 
  • To make simple syrup: boil 1/2 cup water, remove from heat and dissolve 1 cup sugar in water. Let cool, store in fridge.
Equipment Needed: 
  • Paring knife (any small knife works) 
  • Cutting board 
  • Dish towel 
  • Jigger, shot glass, or tablespoon 
  • Strainer (Hawthorne preferred, any fine mesh strainer works) 
  • Fine mesh or tea strainer (not required but very helpful!) 
  • Cocktail shaker or jar with a tight fitting lid or travel mug with lid 
  • Muddler or something to mash with 
  • Lots of ice! 
  • 1 Martini or Coupe glass (any short or stemmed glass will do!) 
  • 1 Margarita, Coupe, or Stemless Wine glass (any short glass will do!) 
  • Optional: cocktail pick for garnishes

How to participate

To participate, register below, and we will send you a confirmation email and a reminder email the day before with the Zoom link. On the day of the program simply follow the Zoom link at the time the event starts (6 p.m. EST/3 pm PT). 

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