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About the Project

Access to knowledge, services, support, and to networks of allies and mentors is one of the greatest struggles facing the queer community. GW's Association of Queer Women and Allies (AQWA) is raising funds to host the first of its kind LGBTQ+ Leadership Conference at GW in spring 2018. This intergenerational endeavor will bring together DC leadership for an exchange of knowledge and the development of skills.

The conference will connect the leadership of DC high schools' and universities' LGBTQ+ organizations with each other and members of professional LGBTQ+ organizations in the DC area. Funds raised will be used to cover logistical costs associated with planning and executing the event. We hope to raise enough to not charge an attendance fee to local high school and university students.

The LGBTQ+ Conference will offer sessions dedicated to fostering collaboration between DC organizations, universities, and high schools. This will include workshops on organizational development, professional development, and community-building activities. This conference is an invaluable opportunity to bring together the LGBTQ+ community in DC and empower our youth.

The Association of Queer Women and Allies (AQWA) is a community building organization that seeks to represent the underrepresented of the queer community. AQWA hosts weekly meetings and events to bring together GW's queer community and amplify our voices. We welcome queer folk of all sexual orientations and gender identities of all racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Project Team

Alexis Emerson
Andie Richards
Juliana Kogan
Molly Page
Olivia Malson
Tara Fitzmartin
Tyler Katz
$20 covers the full cost of conference attendance for one student, including meals and materials.
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$50 funds the cost of a computer and projector for one conference session.
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$100 subsidizes the attendance of the entire leadership of an LGBTQ+ organization from a local high school or university, including meals and materials.
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