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Register for an Event

Every registrant for a TeamRaiser event is automatically assigned a Participant Center. When you register for an event you may form a team, join an existing team, or register as an individual.

Organizations can customize the registration process and may offer multiple ways to register. Below is one example of a registration workflow.

  1. Select a Participation Type. Some events have many types and other events do not have an option.
  2. Enter a goal in the text field. This is optional.
  3. Enter your own pledge or donation. This is optional but suggested since participants who start off with a self-donation tend to raise more overall funds.
  4. Click the Next Step button.
  5. Enter your name and contact information.
  6. Use the checkboxes in the Contact Information section to indicate email and mail preferences, as well as if you would like to remain logged in.
  7. Create the user name and login you will use to access your Participant Center.
  8. Click the Next Step button.
  9. Review your Registration Summary. If there is a fee associated with the registration or merchandise that can be purchased, you may be prompted to enter payment information.
  10. Click the Complete Registration button.