Online Help

Using the My Progress Page in the Participant Center

The My Progress page displays with several sections to help you monitor how your fundraising is progressing:

  • The Gift Summary section shows the number and monetary amount of the gifts made on your behalf to date. If the organization allows participants to enter payments for gifts that people give to them, the Enter Gifts Received Offline link will display on the right side of the title bar. For assistance, refer to Entering a Gift that Someone Gives To You.
  • The My Progress section typically displays with a a status indicator (such as the thermometer) and a chart that shows how close you are to your fundraising goal.
  • The Gift History lists all donations made on your behalf. From this list, you can click:
  • View from the Action column to display a page that shows the details of the gift.
  • Print List link (in the upper right corner) to display just the list without the Page Wrapper and graphics, and then use the standard print functions from your browser to print it.
  • Download List link to save the gift history as a comma separated values (CSV) file on your local computer or a shared network resource. Note that more fields (the donor postal address, phone number, and message if enabled) may display in the downloaded version of the list.
  • Email address link of a donor to send the person an email message. For assistance, refer to Sending Email from the Participant Center.

If donors can shop for items to purchase in support of your participation in this TeamRaiser event, the View a report of all items purchased on your behalf link will also display on this page. You can print this report as well as it to your local computer. (View a Sample of this Report)