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Uploading a Photo

After composing your story, you are offered the opportunity to upload a photograph or other artwork to help illustrate your story. The illustration that you provide must be in JPEG format and ideally no larger than 800 X 600 pixels, as discussed in more detail below.

To upload a photo or other artwork to illustrate your story:

Step 1. Prepare the photo or other artwork to upload:

Your photograph or artwork must be in JPEG format -- that is, it must be in a file named with the .jpg, .jpeg, or .jpe file extension. You can convert other common graphics file types, such as a GIF or BMP, to the JPEG format using a graphics application such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

To convert an image to a JPEG file:

a         On your local computer, open a graphics application (such as, the Microsoft Paint application that comes with Windows Operating Systems or Adobe Photoshop).

b         Open the image file within the graphics application.

c         From the File menu, click Save As and select JPEG (jpg).

d         Click the Save button.

A word about size:

Ideally, your photo should be no larger than 800 X 600 pixels (11 inches X 8 inches). When you upload your photograph or artwork file, the system automatically resizes it to fit in a large (6-inch by 6-inch), medium (4-inch by 4-inch), small (2.5-inch by 2.5-inch), and thumbnail (1.5-inch by 1.5-inch) square area. If your photograph or artwork is not square in shape, the system will keep the relative perspective of the photograph or artwork while resizing it.

By default, the system will place the 1.5x1.5 thumbnail of your photograph or artwork next to your story headline in the list of available stories and the large size on your actual story page. The preview page might show the photograph or artwork in the medium or small size to save memory and allow the page to display faster.

Based on the information above, you may want to open your photograph or artwork in a graphics application and resize or crop it to fit better in your story before you upload the file -- especially if it is large or has a certain aspect you want to focus on for your story.

Step 2. Select the file from your computer.

Once you have prepared your photo or artwork, you can select it for upload as follows:

a         On the Upload Photo Page, click the Browse button.

b         In the Choose File pop-up window that displays, navigate to the appropriate .jpg file on your local computer or shared network resource and click the file name to highlight the file.

c         Click the Open button. The system displays the path to the file in the field next to the Browse button.

Step 3. Click the Upload Photo button.

The system will display the uploaded photograph or artwork on the page for you to preview.

u       If you are satisfied with your photo, click the Next Step button to go on to the Confirmation page where you will be able to preview your story.


u       If you do not like the way your photo looks and would like to upload a different image (or modify the original and upload it again):

a         Click the Browse button.

b         Locate and Open the new file.

c         Click the Upload Different Photo button. The system will replace the original file with the file you have just uploaded.

d         Click the Next Step button to go on to the Confirmation page.


u       If you have changed your mind about using a photo, click the Remove Photo button and then click the Skip This Step button to go on to the Confirmation page.


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