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Using Your Address Book from the Participant Center

You can create and maintain a personal online Convio Address Book that contains the email addresses of your family, friends, and coworkers to keep them handy so that, in just a few clicks, you can select and send an appeal for support or thank you email from the Participant Center.

Because it is an online address book, you can log in from anywhere and use it from anywhere.

Although you can manually type in each name and email address, you can quickly and easily import this information from other address books and contact lists that you maintain (such as in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Yahoo!Mail, Google Mail, AOL, and so on) into your private Convio Address Book.

IMPORTANT: Neither our organization or Convio will send unsolicited, or spam, email to the contacts in this Address Book or sell the information to a third party. This information is strictly for your use.

Note: Your personal online Convio Address Book may be available to you from several Convio applications, such as the Participant Center or Champion Center.

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