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Forming a Team

When you form your own team, you are the captain of the team and have an important role in our fundraiser. You are asked to:

  • Recruit your coworkers, friends, and family members to join your team. Your Participant Center has email templates with suggested content to make it quick and easy to recruit teammates and communicate with them.
  • Customize the web page for your Team and encourage your team members to visit it for status updates and information. Adding a team picture or some inspiring artwork as well as a description of the team spirit and goals can make the page interesting.
  • Broadcast an encouragement message or meeting notice from your Participant Center that will display to each of your team members when they log in to their Participant Center.
  • Make a team member a Co-captain to help with communication and team duties as necessary. (If you can use this feature, the Promote action will display by the name of each team member.)

If you participated in a previous team fundraising event, you may be able to form or join the same team. Be sure to enter the name of the team exactly. If the Form again link displays at the top of the page, you can start the team up again and you may also be able to indicate that you want to take on the captain role if no one else has. If the team has been formed again in this event by the original Team Captain or another team member, a Join link will display in the message at the top of the page.

You may be allowed to associate your team with a company that you work for or that supports involvement in the event. Team fundraising events can have teams associated with a:

  • Local Company, which is typically a smaller company within a community that encourages people to form a team to compete together at one specific event and can be entered by a Team Captain during registration if their name does not display on the Company Selection drop-down list.
  • National or Regional Team companies, which are larger companies with multiple locations (such as a corporation) that support, or are associated with, a nationwide event that occurs in multiple cities throughout a certain time frame. Often official sponsors of the event, these National or Regional Team companies typically have enough employees to encourage multiple teams to form.

Note that your team does not have to be associated with a company.

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