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Editing and Sending a Sample or Saved Message

When you open a sample or saved message from the Suggested Messages list, much of the information (such as your name, email address, subject line, and body text areas) is already filled in. You can personalize the message by adding or changing words, formatting the text, copying new information, and so on.

You can save your new message to use later as a template for another message.

Step 1: Display the Email Page

Click Email from the top of the Participant Center page (or, click the Email link at the bottom of the page).

Note: If you are not on the Participant Center page, log in to the site, click the link that displays the Greeting page, and then click the Participant Center link.

Step 2: Display the Compose Your Email Message Below Page

In the Suggested Messages list, click the message. The Compose Your Email Message Below page displays with your name and email address already filled in along with the existing Subject and Body text.

Step 3: Select the Message Recipients from Your Address Book

Click the name of a contact in the Your Address Book to highlight it and then click Add Recipients.

(1)To select a group of names within one block, click the first name, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard, and click the end name in the block.
(2)To select specific names, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click each name.

Step 4: Manually Enter Message Recipients Not in Your Address Book

Click into the Send to area and type an email address.

(1) To add more email addresses, press the Enter key and type the next name. Repeat this until you have all of the names recorded.

(2) Any addresses that you manually enter here will be added to your Address Book when you click the Send button. You may want to return to the Address Book to edit these entries and add the contact First and Last Names.

Step 5: Edit or Enter the Subject Line

Click into the Subject area and type in your text if you want to change the subject line.

Step 6: Edit or Enter the Body Text

Click into the Body area and add new words or paragraphs, remove existing words, or change words.

If the Rich Text Editor window displays, you can format the font, its size, color, and alignment as well as make bulleted and numbered lists.For assistance, refer to Working in the Rich Text Editor.

(1) A more personalized message will increase the chance that the recipient will read your message and visit your Personal Page to make a donation.

(2) A link to your Personal Page is automatically added in this email to provide recipients with access to your page.

Step 7: Preview Your Message

  1. Click Preview. The message displays in a separate email window.
  2. Carefully look over the subject and message to be sure it conveys the thought you want.
  3. Click the link to be sure it displays your Personal Page.
  4. Click Close Preview Window when you are finished.

Step 8: Make Adjustments

Click into the appropriate fields to make any adjustments and repeat Step 7.

Step 9: Send Your Message

ClickSend. The Your email has been sent page displays and offers links you can use to perform your next task.

Note: If you Save this message without sending it, all names that you manually enter will be lost.

Step 10: Saving Your Message for Reuse

  1. On the Thank You page, click Save this message as template. The Save Email Message as a Template to Use Later page displays.
  2. Click into the Message Name field and type a descriptive label that will help you identify this message in the Suggested Messages list on the Email page.
  3. Click Save. The Suggested Messages page displays again with your saved message template in the appropriate section.

(1) You can use the Edit action to open the message to change something about it and then save it again either as a new message or over the existing message.

(2) You can also Delete the message if you do not want to use it again.