Viewing and Signing Up to Attend an Event

When you click an event link in the calendar, a pop-up displays with a short description of the event along with its start and end time (if applicable) and the Event Details link that displays additional information and instructions plus the link to sign up, purchase a ticket, or register for the event.

If you are not a registered constituent or have not logged in yet, the Event Details page for events that do not require any sign-up (such as recurring or open attendance events) may contain a link that enables you to register on the site to become an active constituent so you can view additional web pages and information.

Before you decide if you want to attend an event, you may be able to view the Guest List. Refer to Viewing the Guest List for an Event.

If the event does not require you to sign up, purchase a ticket, or register for the event, no further action may be required except to select to send yourself a reminder. Otherwise, if the event requires you to:

Once you have signed up for an event, you may make modifications to your original sign-up. Refer to Modifying Your Original Event Sign-Up