Online Help

Viewing the Social Accounts Linked to Your Account

You can display the list of social accounts you have linked to this account. From the list you may be able to view the social page of the account, remove a linked account, and link to a new one.

Step 1. Log into Your Account

  1. From a link on a page or in an email, display the Login page.
  2. Enter your User Name and enter your Password. (You can use either your login information from this site or from a social site if you have linked it to this account.)
  3. Click Login.

Step 2. Open Your Account Profile Page

From the navigation items on the page, click My Account.

Step 3. Access Your Linked Social Accounts List

Click Linked Social Accounts from the links along the top of the page.

Step 4. Optionally, View Your Social Page for a Linked Account

If the name of the account displays as a link, click it.

Step 5. Optionally, Remove a Linked Account

Click Remove from the Actions column of the account. (Note that you can relink it later.)

Step 6. Optionally, Link to Another Account

Click the Linking Your Account on Our Site to Your Social Accounts option on this page and use the Help Topic, Connecting Your Account with One of Your Social Web Site Accounts if you need assistance.