Viewing the Web Site Calendar and Attending Events

Events scheduled on our site may require you to sign up and submit an RSVP online to reserve your spot, purchase a ticket, or register for it in order to attend. Some events have open attendance, which does not require any action on your part. Other events may have multiple parts with combinations of these attendance options.

You can view scheduled events on our Web site calendar by clicking the event name. A small pop-up will display a short description of the event, date and time information, and a link to the Event Details page that contains more information about the event and the action you can take to attend.

When you sign up and submit your RSVP, purchase your ticket, or register to attend an event, you can select to have an electronic reminder about the event sent to you before the event occurs. The default is one day, but you can change it to have the reminder sent up to 7 days before the event. Note that if the event has open attendance, you can select to send the reminder if you are logged in as a registered constituent of the site. If you are not registered, a link is provided to allow you to register and then you can set up the reminder.

Submitting an RSVP, purchasing a ticket, or registering for an event adds you to the Guest List for the event, which may be visible online on one of the event pages. You can remove yourself from this list if you do not want your name to be visible. You can also display the Guest List (if it is visible) to view the names of other people who will be attending an event.

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