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Working with Your Personal Page

Your Personal Page is a Web page on our site that your family and friends can visit to give a donation on your behalf. While you can also spread the word using customized email gift solicitations, your Personal Page can be a creative expression of your commitment to our mission. A compelling Web page will attract and engage people who visit your site, and help convince them to give a donation.

Your default Personal Page contains a title that welcomes visitors to your Personal Page along with a button or link that the visitors can click to support you with a donation. If you are participating on a team or are a team captain, buttons or links to join your team and view your team page are also displayed.

Typically, most Personal Page configurations also contain a fundraising thermometer that shows the amount of money you have raised toward your goal and a rotating list that shows the names of the top donors who have made donations on your behalf along with the amount of the donation (except for those donors who have specified not to be named nor to show the amount they donated).

On some sites, a Badges section may also display to show personal achievement badges you have earned, such as when you raise a certain milestone amount or if you give a personal gift to the event (either during registration or through the button on your own Personal Page). 

To direct your friends to your Personal Page (for example, to appeal for support), you can add a Convio Widget to your social networking pages or blogs. For details, refer to Using a Convio Widget.

If allowed, you may also be able to set up a web log, or blog, that visitors may add comments to as they look at your page.

(1) If the organization has linked this event to the previous one and you participated in that event, you may have access to your Personal Page from that event and may only need to do some minor work on it to update the page for this event.

(2) Not all sections appear on all sites.

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