Selecting If You Are a New or Returning User

If appropriate Returning User site option is set, you may be able to select that you are a returning user and then log in to the site. Upon successful log in, the system will retrieve your contact information and fill in your information from that instead of requiring you to manually enter it all again on the following pages.

A returning user has interacted with the site in some way that caused a constituent record to be created. For example, you are a returning user (or, constituent) if you have:

  • Participated in a team fundraising event previously
  • Registered directly with the site
  • Made a donation somewhere on this site
  • Purchased a product or event ticket

If you are unsure whether you interacted with this site or have forgotten your login information, you can select to have this information sent to your email address. If a match is found, you will receive an email that contains this information.

Step 1: Select the Appropriate Option

If you have:

  • Never interacted with this site, leave New User selected and click Next Step. The Contact Information page displays.
  • Visited anywhere on this site before and interacted with it:
    1. Click Returning User. The login fields display on this page.
    2. Enter your User Name and Password.
      Note: If you do not remember your login information, enter your email address in the Email field and click Send User Name. Then, go to your email application and locate the information so you can return here and enter it.
    3. Click Log In. The Contact Information page displays.

Step 2: Go to the Next Step

Click the Next Step button. The Contact Information page displays.

Next Step

Continue with Entering Your Contact Information.