Registering as a Participant in a Team Fundraising Event

To register for a team fundraising event, you can join a team that has already been created or you can form your own team (which automatically makes you the captain of that team) and then recruit teammates from your family, friends, and coworkers to help you raise money. You may also participate as an individual without joining a specific team.

If you participated in a previous team fundraising event, you may be able to form or join the same team. Be sure to enter the name of the team exactly. If the Form again link displays at the top of the page, you can start the team up again and you may also be able to indicate that you want to take on the captain role if no one else has. If the team has been formed again in this event by the original Team Captain or another team member, a Join link will display in the message at the top of the page.

You may also need to select your type of participation (such as a 10K Runner, 5K Walker, Booth Volunteer) in this event if multiple types are available. Registration fee amounts are indicated to the right of each type.

Additional optional items or services may be offered for purchase and can be selected along with your participation type. You may also be asked to respond to several questions.

You will be asked to provide information about yourself. If you participated in the previous event or are a registered constituent on the site, you may be able to log in and have this information filled in automatically.

If a participation waiver displays, it typically provides information about collecting funds on behalf of the organization as well as safety concerns for participating in a physical activity during a race or walk event. If the waiver is required, you will not be able to continue without accepting its terms and conditions.

A summary page will display to show your registration selections and provide a chance to make changes to some of this information. (Note that you cannot change from a Participation Type with an offline registration fee to one with an online fee.)

Certain events offer the chance to register additional people (such as younger family members who do not have separate email addresses) and have all fees combined into a single payment.

Before you can complete registration, a Billing page will display with the payment options available for the amount you owe when all registration fees, additional items, and your personal donation are totaled. If you have selected a Participation Type that does not have a registration fee or that has an offline registration fee, this Billing page will only display if you have selected additional items for purchase or entered a personal donation (or, Additional Gift).

After you process your registration, the Confirmation page will contain a link for accessing your Participant Center where you can create a Personal Web page that encourages people to support the cause and easily dispatch email to solicit support from your family, friends, and coworkers.

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