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Joining a Team

If you have friends, family, or coworkers that have already registered as a team, you can join them in their fundraising effort.

In many team fundraising events, teams may be associated with companies who employ the people on the team or who just want to support the community in general. The companies can be locally owned small businesses or a single location of a multi-location entity (like a corporation). Or, they can be National Team or Regional Team companies that support an event in many different cities that correspond to their company locations. In either case, you may be able to locate the team by its company association.

Note that your team does not have to be associated with a company.

If you participated in a previous team fundraising event, you may be able to form or join the same team. Be sure to enter the name of the team exactly. If the Form again link displays at the top of the page, you can start the team up again and you may also be able to indicate that you want to take on the captain role if no one else has. If the team has been formed again in this event by the original Team Captain or another team member, a Join link will display in the message at the top of the page.

Click one of the following links to Join an existing team: