Optionally Registering Your Family Members

If the Allow additional family members option is enabled, you can register members of your family and pay all registration fees (including any purchased options and additional donation) in a single payment transaction.

When you register additional family members, you can supply separate contact information as well as email addresses for them to enable them to get their own login to the Participant Center where they can create their own Personal Page (if allowed).

If an error displays that informs you this is a duplicate entry, you may try tweaking the first name to avoid potential confusion later on. For example, registering your son, Pat Smith Jr., with the same email address as yours, this error may display. To avoid problems that can occur with duplicate names, you could enter a nickname for Pat, Jr.

Step 1: Identify the Person

Enter a First Name and Last Name, and then click the Register Family Member button. The Participation Options page displays.

Step 2: Select the Participation Option

Click the radio button that corresponds to the way this person will participate.

Step 3: Enter a Fundraising Goal

Click into the Your Fundraising Goal field and enter the monetary amount this person hopes to raise during this event.

Step 4: Make Additional Option Selections

If Additional Options are displayed, make the selections as appropriate.

Step 5: Save this Information

Click the Next Step button. The Registration Contact Information page displays.

Step 6: Optionally, Enter Contact Information

Enter a new address or other information for this person if necessary.

Note that if this person wants to have their own login to the Participation Center, enter an email address in the Email field.

Step 7: Save the Contact Information

Click the Next Step button. The Registration Summary page displays.

Step 8: Review the Information You Entered

Look over the information. If you need to make changes, go back to the Step 1 in the previous section.

Step 9: Register Another Family Member

Return to Step 1 above.

Step 10: Complete the Registration

When you are finished, click the Complete Registration button. The Billing Information page displays.

Next Step

Continue with Providing Your Billing Information.