Giving a Gift to Support a Fund Champion

To make a gift to a fund, you can search for the fund and click the link to display the Web page associated with the fund. The Web page will contain a button or link that you can click to display the gift entry page.

Note: The fund page typically contains a story about the fund and any personal association with the cause and a meaningful photo or picture. Some pages also contain a Guest Book that visitors to the page have signed and links to Photo Albums that the fund champion has created for you to enjoy.

From the search page, you can search for a fund by entering all or just a few letters of the:

For example, you could locate the fund that Pat Smith created to honor Francis Rory Smith by entering Pat Smith, Francis Smith, Smith, Smi, Pat S, Francis S, Help Find a Cure in Honor of Francis Smith, and so on.

After you enter your search criteria, a list of fund names is displayed. Each name is linked to a fund. If the list is long (which may happen with common names like Pat Smith), you may need to enter other biographical information to get the exact fund for which you are searching. For example, you can try entering the last name of the person who told you about the fund, the city in which the fund Honoree or Champion resides, nicknames, or a family surname to display a shorter list.

If you are already a registered user on this site, you should log in first to have your contact and billing information automatically filled in on the gift entry pages.

Step 1: Display the Find a Fund Search Page

On the Web site, click the link or button to display the special Personal Fundraising Campaigns Web page and click the Find a Fund button or link. The Search page displays.

Step 2: Enter Your Search Criteria

Enter all or the first few letters of the title of the fund, the person who created the fund, the person being honored by the fund, or any other information you know about the fund in the Search criteria field and click Find a Fund. The Search Results list will display with all funds that match the criteria you entered.

(1) If you do not remember the complete name of the person, try entering nicknames, a maiden name, or a family name. The system will search for the fund using the First, Last, and Middle name of the person who created the fund as well as this information that the champion has entered for the Honoree.

(2) In many cases, you must enter at least three letters to start the search by default. Leaving the criteria field blank may cause the system to take too long and eventually the system may time out before it can display any search results - especially when there are large numbers of funds created on a site.

Step 3: Display the Fund Web Page

Locate the fund in the Search Results list and click the name link. The fund Web page displays.

Note: The system may display several funds that match your search criteria. If the fund champion has entered a description, you may be able to determine the correct fund from this information.

Step 4: Display the Gift Entry Page

Click the button or link to make a gift or donation. The gift entry page displays.

Step 5: Enter Your Gift Information

  1. Click the option button for a pre-set amount or enter one in the blank field (if displayed.)
  2. As the name to display on the gift honor roll on the fund page associated with this gift, to use:
    • The name that you will be entering below, skip to the next step.
    • Or, Anonymous, click the anonymous gift checkbox
    • Or, a special name (such as Smith Family or simply your first name), enter that name in the Recognition Name field.

Step 6: Enter Your Billing Information (if it is blank)

  1. To optionally add Mr., Mrs., Ms, Miss, or Dr before your first name, click the appropriate option from the Title drop-down list.
  2. Click into the First Name field and enter your first name.
  3. Click into the Last Name field and enter your last name.
  4. To optionally add Sr, Jr, III, or IV behind your last name, click the appropriate option from the Suffix drop-down list.
  5. Click into the Address 1 field and enter the number and street name for your residence.
  6. Optionally, click into the Address 2 field and enter any other residence information (such as apartment or suite number).
  7. Click into the City field and enter the city in which your residential address is located.
  8. Click the State/Province drop-down menu and select the appropriate state or province that corresponds to your residential information.
  9. Click into the ZIP/Postal Code and enter the five-digit ZIP code (or 9-digit ZIP PLUS).
  10. Click into the Email Address field and enter the email address at which you receive email.

Step 7: Enter Your Credit Card Information

  1. Click the appropriate Credit Card type option button to indicate which credit card you will be using to pay for any Setup Fees and your initial seed gift if you have entered one.
  2. Click into the Card Number field and enter your card number. You can include spaces or type the number without them.
  3. Click the Expiration month drop-down menu and select the appropriate option.
  4. Click the Expiration year drop-down menu and select the appropriate option.

Step 8: Answer Any Additional Questions Displayed

If additional questions are displayed, click into the appropriate fields and enter the appropriate information or click the drop-down lists and click the appropriate options to respond to the questions.

Step 9: Display the Confirm Transaction Page

Click the Next Step button. The system will display the Confirm Transaction page.

Step 10: Verify the Billing Information and Process Your Gift

  1. Look over the billing information to be sure it is correct.
  2. If you need to make changes:
    1. Click the Previous Step button on this page to go back to the Billing Information page.
    2. Click into each field requiring a change and make your change.
    3. When you have finished, click the Next Step button to display this page again.
  3. Click Process. When the payment has processed, the online receipt for your gift displays. It is recommended that you print this for your tax records.

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