Accessing and Using Your Fund Champion Center

Your Fund Champion Center provides tools to help you perform tasks to make your family and friends aware of your fund and collect money for our cause.

Note: If you have created more than one fund, you have a Champion Center for each fund. For information about switching between these funds, refer to Using the Champion Dashboard.

When you created your fund, a Web page for the fund was automatically created on our Web site. You can direct your family and friends to this page so they can support your efforts by giving a monetary gift online.

Click one of the following links to learn about:

  • Accessing Your Fund Champion Center, which describes how to display the Champion Center (or Champion Center Dashboard if you have created multiple funds)
  • Editing and Customizing your Fund Web Page, which describes how to add a story and picture to the Web page automatically created and published (if the site does not require page approval before pages are available for public view)
  • Changing the Fund Settings, which describes how to edit the fund details, including the name or description of the fund, information about who is being honored by the fund, and so on
  • Personalizing Your Fund Page Address, which describes how to create a URL to your fund page that will be easier to remember and give out to people so they can visit it
  • Updating Your Fundraising Goal, which enables you to increase the goal you have set when you exceed it
  • Creating and Maintaining Your Online Convio Address Book from the Champion Center, which describes how to create or add to your personal online Convio Address Book, a convenient list of the email addresses of your family and friends that you can use when sending email messages from the Champion Center to make it easier to monitor results (like who has opened an email, who has clicked the link to visit your page, who has clicked the donation button and gave a gift as a result of the email, and so on)
  • Sending Email Messages from the Champion Center, which describes how to create and send effective appeals for monetary support with sample message text as a starting point and other messages (like gift thank-you emails)
  • Performing Follow Up Tasks for Your Fund, which describes the tasks involved when people give a cash or check to you in person, after receiving monetary donations for your fund, and continuing to raise more money for our cause.
  • Tracking the Fund Progress, which describes how to view the monetary amount your fund has raised, and who donated the money