Taking Action on an Issue

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Responding to an Action Alert

Responding to an Action Alert means that a crafted letter will be sent to your legislator. In some cases, you may have the option to add personal comments to personalize the message that is sent.

To respond to an action alert:

Step 1: Display the Action Alert Message

Click the Take Action button or link. The system will display the message that will be sent to the selected recipients.

Step 2: Complete the Message

  1. Fill in the required information in the boxes provided for the purpose, such as your First Name, a Last Name, Address (Street), City, State and Zip.
  2. (1) Click the link provided for the US Postal Service's Online help if you do not know your complete nine-digit ZIP code.

    (2) Be sure to enter your e-mail address.

    (3) To receive mail from this site, check the box provided to receive periodic updates and communications. If you do not select this box, you will not be on the mailing list for this site.

  3. Click the Next Step button. The system will display the recipients selection page, unless there were errors in the information you provided. If so, the form will redisplay with error messages at the top for:

To clear the form and retype in your information, click the Reset This Form button.

Step 3: Select the Recipients of the Action Alert

Click the checkboxes to indicate each recipient.

To request a copy of the message to be sent to your e-mail address, click the Yes checkbox provided.

Step 4: Send the Message

  1. Click the Send Your Message button. The system will show a preview of the message.
  2. To add comments, click into the text box and enter your comments.
  3. Click the Done button.

Choosing to Tell a Friend About this Issue

You can use the Tell-a-Friend section on this page to urge a friend or family member to also take action.

Social Sites If this or a similar Sharing Opportunity link displays on this page, you can use it to quickly and easily post a comment on your favorite social sites about the activity associated with it. The post (or, tweet) will contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site where your friends can pursue the activity (for example, make a donation, join your fundraising team, or take a political action alert). For assistance, refer to Sharing an Activity from this Site With Sharing an Activity From This Site With Your Friends on Your Social Pages.

Step 1: Enter the Email Addresses of the Recipients

In the Send E-mail To text area, enter the email address of each friend or family member with which you want to share this action alert. (Be sure to separate multiple addresses with commas.)

Step 2: Enter the Subject

If allowed, enter a subject for the e-mail message that will be sent to your friend.

Step 3: Enter Additional Information

If allowed, enter a personal message to be sent in addition to the link directing the recipient of this Tell-a-Friend e-mail message to the site where the action alert may be seen.

Step 4: Send the Tell-A-Friend Message

Click the Send Your Message button.