Selecting Your Participation Type and Other Options

To increase the number of people involved, some team fundraising events may offer different types of participation options (such as 10K Runners and 5K Walkers). Participation Types for the volunteer workers at the event (such as Registration Booth or Water Table workers) may also exist.

A Participation Type may have a registration fee associated with it and can have either an online payment method (like a credit card) payable at the end of the registration process or offline payment method if someone else (like your employer) will pay all or part of the fee later. If an Offline Payment Participation Type is offered and you are eligible for it, it is important to select that option when registering because you cannot change to this type after your registration is processed.

If you are an indivdual participant and the Company option is displayed, you can associate yourself with a company (like your employer or a local company in your town) in order to be included in their fundraising statistics, general emails, and so on. Note: This option does not display to participants who form or join teams.

To prevent having to make multiple payments, most fundraising events allow you to add a personal donation (sometimes referred to as an Additional Gift) and may also have optional items or services for purchase as well. These charges are added to the same online payment transaction as your registration fee. Note: If you have selected a Participation Type without a registration fee or one with an Offline Registration Fee, you will be prompted to pay online for these items near the end of this registration process.

We may also encourage you to set a monetary goal to achieve with your fundraising efforts. As you raise funds, your progress towards your goal is displayed in different indicators (or, progress meters) on your Personal Page on our site.

Step 1: Select Your Participation Type

Click the radio button that corresponds to the way you want to participate in this fundraising event. If a registration fee is associated with this type, it displays to the right of the option.

Step 2: Optionally, Associate Yourself with a Company if You Are Not Participating on a Team

If the Company area displays and you want to associate yourself with a company:

  1. Click the Choose an existing value drop-down list and scan the list for the name of your company.
  2. If the company name:
    • Displays in the list, click it. The name displays in the field.
    • Does not display in the list, click the Enter a new company button and enter the name of the company in the field provided.

Note: This area may not display in all events.

Step 3: Optionally, Make a Personal Donation (Additional Gift)

If displayed, click into the Additional Gift field and enter the monetary amount you want to give as your personal donation to this event.

Note: This field may not display in all events.

Step 4: Enter Your Fundraising Goal

Click into the Your Fundraising Goal field and enter the monetary amount you hope to raise during this event.

Step 5: Optionally, Select Additional Options(if displayed)

If Additional Options (such as special items or services for purchase) are displayed, make the selections as appropriate. Typically, you must click a checkbox, and in some cases, a drop-down list will display and you can make a selection from it.

(1) Some options may have a selection made by default, but you can change this option by clicking the checkbox to remove the checkmark or selecting another option from the drop-down list.
(2) If a choice is required, an indicator (such as an asterisk) will be displayed next to the option.

Step 6: Save Your Information

Click Next Step. If the: