Viewing an Online Photo Album

Sometimes we publish a list of photo albums on our site (instead of publishing to a photo-sharing site like Flickr or a social site). Typically, you will see a list of the most current photo albums and you can access more either from a More link at the bottom of the list or from inside the Photo Album home page.

When you display a photo album, the title of the album displays across the top along with a bried description of the album contents (if available). Thumbnails of the photos also display with their titles across the top and a caption at the bottom (if available).

You can click each photo to enlarge it.

Step 1. Search for a Photo Album or Collection

If the photo album you want to view is not in the list displayed:

  1. Click the search link at the bottom of the photo album list. This link may be labelled Search the photo archive Find a Photo Album Page. The Search page displays.
  2. Enter keywords applicable to the album or to an individual photo contained in the album, the name of the album, or the title of a photo within the album. Or leave this field blank to display the list of all photo albums.
  3. Click Search. The page will refresh to display the results that show the name of each album that matches your criteria along with an abstract of its contents (if available).

Step 2. Open a Photo Album and Look Through Its Content

  1. From the list, click the name of the photo album or the cover photo. The thumbnails display.
  2. Click the thumbnail of the first photo. The photo displays in a larger format.
  3. Click Next Photo. The next thumbnail opens in the larger photo size.
  4. When you are finished, click Album Index (on the last page).

Step 3. Return to the Photo Album List

Click More Photo Albums from the bottom of the page.

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