Send an Email from My Participant Center

While fundraising, you may send requests for support, progress updates, invitations to events, and thank you notes. Some messages will go to all of your contacts, entire groups, or just a special someone. You have the option of crafting a personal message for each of these, or you can create a thoughtful template and apply personalization to that. Your organization may even have provided you with stationary and messages to help you along the way.

All of the actions below are available in the Email tab. Click Compose Email to display the email designer.

PC3 Email Designer

Select recipients

You may click in the Recipients field and type email addresses manually. Separate multiple address with a comma.

PC3 Email Recipient Field

Or you may select one of the contact groups from the Contacts list. Then click Email Group, or check the boxes of the subset of the group you want to email and click Email Selected.

PC3 Email Recipients Group

Select a template

Select a template or a blank message from the Use a template dropdown menu. Any message you create can be saved as a template. Just click Save as template at the bottom of the designer after constructing a message you want to reuse. It will become available in the Use a template dropdown.

PC3 Email Template Dropdown

Add a subject

Enter a subject for the email. If the message is an appeal for support, write a subject that makes your audience an active participant and be positive. Instead of "Amur Leopards are endangered," try "You can help save the Amur Leopard."

PC3 Email Subject

Include a personalized greeting

Check the box if you want to Include personalized greeting. A personalized greeting includes a default salutation and the first name of each recipient listed in the To line of an email message (for example, Dear Pat). If the recipient is not already a contact within your address book, the word "Friend" will display with the salutation instead. You can select to include this personalized greeting as the first line in messages that you compose and send from this email area.

NOTE: If you select to include the personalized greeting in your message, do not manually type in a greeting as well. (That is, you do not want the message to start with two lines that say "Dear Pat" or a "Dear Pat" line followed immediately by a "Hey Pat" line.)

PC3 Email Personalization

Create your message

Type your message in the text box. Format your text with the heading styles H1, H2, H3; character styles P, B, I, U; list styles bullet, numbered; alignment left, center, right; indent left, right; insert image, link; and undo or redo.

PC3 Email Text Box

Apply stationery

If your organization has supplied a stationery you may select it. This will affect the background and layout of your message. It may also include links to the organization or event webpages, or other features.

PC3 Email Template

Preview and send your message

Click Preview & Send to review your message before sending. If you are satisfied, click Send. Otherwise, click Close and make changes before sending.

PC3 Email Preview