Working with a Fund

People who want to assist in raising money for a mission of this organization can create funds in our Personal Fundraising campaigns. Each fund is created on its own Web page that features a story about why the person is acting as a champion of the cause behind the fund and provides an easy way for people to make a donation to support the mission.

People can champion different missions and create funds in different campaigns offered. A special dashboard page helps fund champions switch between their funds to manage them or monitor their progress.

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Understanding Funds in Personal Fundraising

Fund champions create their funds by naming them, providing a short description to help people distinguish between fund that may have similar names, and optionally entering a short story. Champions can also optionally upload a meaningful photo or picture. From this information, the system creates a fund page with the information provided and a link to support the fund with a monetary donation. Other applicable links may also be included by default (such as a link that visitors can follow to create their own fund and another to tell others about this fund they just made a donation to).

After fund champions create their funds, they have access to the Champion Center that provides tools they can use to manage and monitor their fund. Champions can access their original settings to edit them as well as create a shortcut to their fund page to make it easier to remember and pass along to other people.

Champions can access tools to personalize their fund page. They can add more to the story originally provided, add or update the photo featured on it, and create photo albums of more pictures and link to them. Champion can also edit instructions for the Guest Book that visitors to the page can sign with their own personal notes.

The personal Address Book that can store the email addresses and contact information of their family and friends is also available. Anyone who supports the champion's fund with a monetary donation is added to the Address Book, and the champion can manually add new email addresses at any time or import information from other email applications they use. It is important to note that champions can access their personal Address Book within several different Convio applications if they use the same login account.

An Email area stores prewritten suggested messages that champions can use to correspond with people about their fund and a blank template for creating new messages. The Email area is connected directly with the Address Book to make it quick and efficient to send emails to your known contacts.

To help champions monitor the results of sending email from the Email area, the system tracks information about the emails sent and makes the statistics available on the Follow Up page For example, champions who send the Appeal suggested message (either customized or not) can display the Follow Up page to see if the recipients opened the email, clicked the link to visit the fund page, and made a donation. Then from the list champions can easily determine which contacts should be sent follow-up appeal emails to get support from people who did not respond the first time as well as those contacts who were not sent an initial appeal.

In some fund campaigns, champions may be able to choose between different types of fund to create. The only difference is often in the type of information that the champion is asked to enter. For example:

  • Honorary funds typically pay tribute a special loved one. The fund champion will be asked to supply the name and contact information of the person being honored so this Honoree can receive email notifications when gifts are made to the fund
  • Memorial funds typically pay tribute to a special loved one who is no longer living. The fund champion will be asked to supply the full name (along with title, prefix, and suffixes) of the person being honored and then the name and contact information for a Next of Kin representative who can receive email notifications when gifts are made to the fund
  • Personal funds typically acknowledge a personal commitment to the mission or cause without paying tribute to a specific person. The fund champion is asked for their contact information only.

You can visit a fund page created on our site by searching for it by the name of the fund, champion, or fund Honoree and then clicking the appropriate name from the list of search results displayed. If you know the correct address for the Web page, you can also enter this URL to display the page directly.