Record an Offline Donation

NOTE: Not all organizations offer this feature.

Your fundraising page makes it easy for friends and family to donate online, but some people are more comfortable with giving a cash or check to you directly. Or you may host an event likely to generate cash or check donations. Add these donations to your center to get credit for them.

Click Add in the Personal Donations section of your Me tab on your center Home tab.

PC3 Offline Donation Add Button

Complete the Enter new gift form.

PC3 Offline Donation Add

Check the Additional gift entry fields box to record the donor's address. It is important to include this information if the donation would result in a thank you note or gift, or if the donor would like to recieve mailings such as newsletters from the organization in the future.

PC3 Offline Donation Form

Enter a Recognition Name to display in the Fundraising Honor Roll on your public personal page.

PC3 Offline Donation Recognition Name

Check the Yes, display the amount of the gift box if the amount should be displayed in public facing places like the Fundraising Honor Roll. The amount displays privately in your center whether or not the box is checked.

PC3 Offline Donation Display Amount

When you are finished, click Add, or Save and Add Another if you have more donations to add.

PC3 Offline Donation Save