Giving a Gift Online To Support Our Organization

Online gift forms are available on the organization, event, or participant websites and emails. Complete and submit the form to make a secure payment. If you are concerned about your digital privacy, consult the organization's privacy policy or the Blackbaud Privacy Resource Center.

Display the Online Gift Donation Form

Select the Donate button or link. These are found on websites and social media, or in emails, from us or our members.

If you are making the donation in support of a team or participant, you can search for them on the event website.

If you are not a registered member of our community, you will be prompted to create an account with a username and password. You will not be put on a mailing or emailing list unless you select to receive communications from us.

How Your Donation is Used

Some donors prefer to give to general funds, and let organizations apply gifts as the org sees fit. Other donors prefer to specify campaigns or interests for their gifts. You can review lists of opportunities, often grouped by events or campaigns, on our website or through links in our emails and newsletters.

One-time Gifts vs. Recurring Gifts

When you select one-time gift on your donation form, the full amount is collected in one transaction within minutes or days of your form submission.

When you select recurring gift on your donation form, the full amount is divided into smaller payments. Your first payment is collected within minutes or days of your form submission. Each subsequent partial-payment is a separate transaction. These transactions continue at a regular frequency until the total gift is collected. Recurring gifts may be collected, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at custom intervals.

Read your donation form carefully to ensure your gift is for the correct total amount, and that transactions will occur at an acceptable frequency.

Your credit card number, bank account number and routing number, or other account information is not stored on our site at any time. A third-party securely stores recurring gift payment information to process your ongoing payments.

Give Anonymously

If you wish to make an anonymous gift, select the appropriate checkbox.

Anonymous gifts are reported to the participant, team, or event coordinator; but may not be displayed on gift honor rolls.

Personal Note or Message

If you are giving a gift in support of a person or group, such as a team for a team fundraising event, the form may allow you to enter a personal note with the gift. This note is displayed in any notification that the fundraiser or group of fundraisers receives, as well as the gift honor lists.

Tribute Gifts

You may indicate that your gift is in honor of a specific person. This option is often used to acknowledge those who have been affected by the focus of the fundraiser.

  1. Select In Honor of if the person is alive, or In Memory of if the person is deceased.

  2. Enter the person's name as you want it to appear with the gift.

  3. Enter Notification Recipient information. This person will be informed of your generosity and receive your message, if you chose to include one.

  4. Select a Closing and add your signature.

  5. Select Include Gift Amount in Message if you wish to share that information.

Joint Gifts

A second person, such a spouse or partner, can be acknowledged as the joint donor. The name of the joint donor appears alongside the primary donor on honor rolls and other gift acknowledgements.

Although multiple people can be listed as the donor, the payment transaction cannot be split between multiple payment types and methods. Select one payer and payment method for the transaction.

Contact and Billing Information

You must provide at least your first and last name, and email address.

The name used in Billing Information must exactly match the name on the credit card or bank account you are using. If a shortened version of your name or a nickname is copied from Contact Information, change it to the correct name in Billing Information.

Selecting to receive emails allows us to keep you up to date on news, events, and opportunities related to our shared mission. We may include extra options to opt in to messages for specific interests. This allows us to share information important to you, and not overload your inbox. This also allows you to opt out of specific interests while continuing to receive the updates relevant to the whole community.

You can always update your interests in your account profile.

Entering your employment information allows us to let you know if your employer matches donations. It's a great way to increase your impact without depleting your wallet.

Confirmation and Receipt

A confirmation page with a summary of your transaction displays after you submit a donation form. The summary will never include confidential information, such as your credit card or bank account number.

Print your confirmation summary as a receipt.

Update Your Personal Information

View or edit your personal information in your account profile.

  1. Log in on the event or organization website.

  2. Select My Account to open your profile.

  3. Select Service Center.

  4. Select Edit next to the label of the section you want to edit.

    If you have more than one gift listed, select View Details and Skip Next Payment.

  5. Edit the appropriate information, and select Update or Save (options vary by website and section).