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Entering Fund Information

As the champion of the fund you are creating, you must specify the type of fund and enter a name for it. This information cannot be changed once you have saved your fund. Other information that you supply here may be added or changed later.

If several types of funds are available, you can choose which type of fund you want to create. For all funds, you are asked to provide a name for the fund and customize the default web page that people can visit to learn about and make donations to your fund as well as supply your contact information if you are not already registered on the site. In addition, if you are creating an:

  • Honorary fund to pay tribute a special loved, you will also be asked to supply the name and contact information of this loved one
  • Memorial fund to pay tribute to a special loved one who is no longer living, you will be asked to supply the full name (along with title, prefix, and suffixes) of the fund Honoree and then the name and contact information for a Next of Kin representative

As you supply information, the system creates the fund page from information you provide. A preview-type image displays on the New Fund Information page to help you see where the information you enter will display on the page. As you place your cursor in a text field on the page, the system will highlight the corresponding area on the preview-type image. Note that the Fund Description does not display on the Fund Web Page — it is displayed to people in search results lists to help them distinguish between similar funds.

You can leave the system defaults as you create your fund and then access the Champion Center to customize and personalize the page later. For example, you can edit or add more to the original story you provided and separate it into sections with headlines between the sections as well as add or change the main photo on the page, and change the default instructions for your Guestbook.

IMPORTANT: If you have already registered with this site, you should log in with your User Name and Password before you create the fund so the system can automatically fill in information that you have already supplied (such as your address and email information).

Step 1: Display the Enter the Fund Information Page

On a page with a Create a fund link (for example, the main page for Personal Fundraising, the Greeting page for a campaign in which you want to create your fund, or the Champion Dashboard page), click Create a Fund. The Enter the Fund Information page displays.

Step 2: Select the Fund Type

  • Leave the Honorary Fund option button selected to create a fund that pays tribute to a loved one or special person
  • Or, click the Memorial Fund option button to create a fund that pays tribute to a loved one or special person who has passed on
  • Or, click the Personal Fund option button to create a fund for your personal cause

Step 3: Enter the Fund Name

Click into the Enter Fund Name field and type in a descriptive label for your fund (such as the name of the fund Honoree or the reason you created the fund). The fund name will display as the working title of your fund page and the link that displays in Search Results for people who are trying to locate a fund.

Some Examples: To Support Research in the Name of Francis Smith, Honoring Francis Washington Smith, To Find a Cure Now

(1) When you click into the this field, the name highlights at the top of the preview-type image.
(2) You can change the title of your fund page later in the Champion Center, which will not change the name of the fund — only the title of the page.

Step 4: Enter the Fund Description

Click into the Enter Fund Description field and type a short statement. This description will display with the Fund Name in Search Results and may help distinguish the fund from others with similar names.

Note: Since, there may be several funds created with similar names, you can help people locate this fund in search results by adding the family (or, maiden) name of the Honoree, nicknames of yours or the Honoree, city and state of residence, and so on.

Step 5: Tell Your Story

Click into the Tell Your Story area and enter paragraphs that tell why you are championing this fund, about people associated with the fund (such as the fund Honoree), and so on. You can enter only text (that is, no HTML or other formatting is allowed).

This story displays on your fund page, which is published and visible to people as soon as you create your fund (unless the organization requires a system administrator to approve your page first).

Writing a compelling story may help inspire people to donate to this cause.

(1) When you click into this area, the story pieces highlight on the preview-type image.
(2) In the Champion Center, you can edit your story as well as add more sections to it and separate your sections with up to three headlines.

Step 6: Upload an Image

  1. Prepare your image file in a supported file type (such as .jpg, .gif, .png, or whatever else is shown in the hints on this page). Note the size restriction displayed as well.
  2. Click the Browse button to display a file navigation window.
  3. Locate the file on your local computer or shared network resource and click it to display its name in the Find/Open File window.
  4. Click the Upload Image button.

(1) When you click the Browse button, the picture highlights in the preview-type image.

(2)You can use a photo of the Honoree or some other picture that evokes a memory for you. By default, the picture must be in a .jpg, .gif, or .png image file and should be less than 1.5MB in size (the exact size limitations and valid file types are listed on the Create a Fund page you are viewing).

(3) When you upload a .jpg or .png image file, the system automatically resizes it to fit in the Photo area of the fund page and in a thumbnail (that is, the small version you will see here). The system will keep your photo in perspective to avoid distortion by sizing the largest dimension of the height and width to equal the valid measurement of the allotted Photo area, and then sizes the other dimension in scale. For example, if your original photo is 8x10, the system will resize the 10-inch height to fit the area and then the width to keep in scale with the original photo.

(4) If you are uploading a .gif file, the system does not resize it and the system only uses the portion that fits in the area. Sometimes, you do not get the desired results and you may need to open the photo in your graphics application and resize or crop it to fit better.

(5) If you do not like the way the image looks or have uploaded the wrong one, you can upload a different one or remove the photo completely for now and fix the photo later in the Champion Center. To swap the uploaded file with a new one now, locate it with the Browse button, click it to select it, and then click the Upload a different image button. To remove it completely, click the Delete this image button.

(6) You can add a caption below the photo from the Champion Center. You can also add more photos for people to view using the Photo Album feature (accessed when you edit the fund page in the Champion Center.

Step 7: Enter a Fundraising Goal (if this field displays)

Click into the Fundraising Goal field and enter the numbers that represent the dollar amount you want to raise with your fund (for example, 100 to raise $100.00). The Fundraising Goal displays on the fund page to help you monitor your progress. It may also help encourage others to make more generous donations to help you reach your goal.

(1) Some sites may require that you enter a value in this field before you can continue. If a goal is required, an error message will display if you do not enter a value.

(2) Some sites may display a Suggested Goal to guide you with a recommended goal.

(3) Some sites may elect not to use this field.

Step 8: Make the Fund Private or Keep it Available for Searches

  • Leave the Do not display this fund in lists or during searches checkbox unchecked.
  • Or, click the Do not display this fund in lists or during searches checkbox. When this option is enabled, the fund will be accessible only to you and people who know the Web address of the page. You may want to do this to keep the fund private until you personalize the fund page and get the approval of the family of the Honoree.

(1) You can change this Fund Setting later in the Champion Center. For example, you can initially mark this fund Private if you want to reduce traffic to it while you personalize the fund page and create Photo Albums. Or, you can let the immediate family of the Honoree make their donations first before you edit the Fund Settings and click the checkbox again to make it Public so it will display to anyone who uses correct keywords to search for it.

(2) If you mark this fund as Private, you can create an email in the Champion Center with the link to the fund and send it to your family and friends. For assistance, refer to Sending Email Messages from the Champion Center.

Step 9: Go to the Next Page

Click the Next Step button. If you are creating an: