Giving a Gift to Support a Team Fundraising Event

You can give an online gift quickly and easily. It takes just a few minutes to enter or select the amount of your donation and your billing and payment information (such as your credit card information, bank account information to authorize a bank account withdrawal, PayPal account information, and so on, depending on the payment methods offered).

(1) Not all forms of payment are offered for all fundraising events.
(2) If you prefer not to make online payments, you can also contact someone participating in the fundraising event or the organization office and arrange to make a cash or check payment to them directly instead.

Instead of applying your gift to the overall fundraising total, you can have your gift support a specific person who is participating in the fundraising event or support a team of fundraising participants. Clicking either link will display information about locating the people you want to support.

If the fundraising event is selling products where you can apply the purchase amount towards the fundraising efforts of a participant or team, refer to: