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Confirming the Fund Information and Processing this Transaction

You should look over the billing information to be sure it is correct before you continue with this transaction. Processing the transaction will charge your credit card with the amount shown (if you have made an Initial Gift or the fund required a Setup Fee) and create the fund.

Step 1: Verify the Billing Information

  1. If you need to make changes, click the Back button on your browser to return to the Billing Information page and make any changes.
  2. When you have finished, click the Next Step button to display this page again.

Step 2: Process the Transaction and Create Your Fund

Click Process. When your fund has been created the Receipt page displays. (You should print this page for your records.)

Shortly, you should receive a Thank You email that confirms your fund and may provide information about accessing it. You will also receive a Sample Appeal email to get you started thinking about how to contact to your family and friends to tell them about the fund and supporting your cause. To easily track who you send this appeal to (and be able to forward polite reminders), you should go to the Email area in the Champion Center where you can customize the subject line and add more information about your fund before you send it

Social Sites If this or a similar Sharing Opportunity link displays on this page, you can use it to quickly and easily post a comment on your favorite social sites about the activity associated with it. The post (or, tweet) will contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site where your friends can pursue the activity (for example, make a donation, join your fundraising team, or take a political action alert). For assistance, refer to Sharing an Activity from this Site With Sharing an Activity From This Site With Your Friends on Your Social Pages.

The Next Step

You should visit your Champion Center to:

  • Customize your fund page that people will visit to support your fund to enter more details in your story, add a caption to the photo you uploaded, personalize your Guest Book instructions, create and link to Photo Albums of pictures, and so on.
  • Email an appeal for support of your fund to your family and friends. This is made easier by using the Sample Appeal email with suggested content in the Email area of the Champion Center. You can change the Subject line to include your name and something eye-catching as well as customize the content within the email to make it personal.

    You may want to go into your personal Address Book area in this Champion Center and enter email addresses of your family and friends, or upload the contents of another Address Book you maintain to make it even easier to send your appeal for support.
  • Edit settings for your fund and create a personalized Web address to the fund page

To visit it now, click the Champion Center link on the Receipt page.

To visit it later, simply log in, locate and click the Personal Fundraising campaign list or page link, and then click the Champion Dashboard link to access the list of funds you have created. You can click the name of the fund to access its Champion Center.