Taking an Online Survey

If you are prompted to take a survey from an action on one of our web site pages, you most likely will just click a link to open the survey (if it is not displayed directly). You may also receive an email with a link to a survey.

Sometimes, we have several different surveys available for people to give us opinions about our programs or our site. These surveys are typically displayed in a list on our home page or a special survey page linked to the home page.

If you are a registered constituent and logged into your account, your answers may update information in your account.

If you are not registered on this site, you may be asked to register by supplying some basic information, such as your name and email address.

Step 1: Select the Survey and Open It

Click the name of the survey from the list or email.

If the survey you want to take is not open, to locate:

  • All surveys that you can participate in, click the Show All link on the page and click Go.
  • Only specific surveys on subjects you are interested in, click the Show My Subjects link at the top of the page and click Go.
  • Surveys for a specific topic, click the appropriate topic from the drop-down list on the top right and click Go.

Step 2: Answer the Questions

Click into the appropriate text fields and enter text or numbers as appropriate, as well as click the buttons, drop-down lists, and checkboxes.

Step 3: Submit Your Responses

Click Submit. A Thank You page typically displays.

Social Sites If this or a similar Sharing Opportunity link displays on this page, you can use it to quickly and easily post a comment on your favorite social sites about the activity associated with it. The post (or, tweet) will contain a link back to an appropriate page on this site where your friends can pursue the activity (for example, make a donation, join your fundraising team, or take a political action alert). For assistance, refer to Sharing an Activity from this Site With Sharing an Activity From This Site With Your Friends on Your Social Pages.

Step 4: Optionally, View Current Responses (if available)

If the View Current Results link displays (at the bottom of the page), click it to display responses to the questions by other survey respondents.