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Purchasing a Ticket for an Event

When you click an event that has a Buy Ticket button and the Ticket Purchase required Ticket Purchase Icon icon, you must purchase the tickets online with a credit card.

You may be able to purchase extra tickets for this event, although the maximum number may be limited.

Note: If you are already a registered constituent of this site, you should log in to your user account before purchasing the ticket so that your information is available.

Step 1: Display the Event Details Page

Click the event link and click the Event Details link.

Step 2: Display the Ticket Purchase Page

Click Buy Tickets.

Step 3: Optionally View the Guest List

Click View the Guest List. A new window opens that displays all of the Guest List pages.

Step 4: Enter Your Information

If you have not logged in, enter your first and last name in the Name fields and your email address in the Email field.

Step 5: Optionally, Remove Your Name from the Guest List

If the Check this box if you want your name to be shown to other guests checkbox contains a checkmark, click it to remove the checkmark.

Step 6: Specify the Number of Tickets You Want to Purchase

In the Quantity field for each ticket displayed, enter the number of tickets you want to purchase.

(1) Click the ticket name link to view additional information about this ticket.

(2) Check the Order Limit column in the Ticket table to be sure you will not request more tickets than allowed in one purchase.

(3) The Total Tickets Requested and cost information fields update as you work with the page.

Step 7: Optionally, Enter an Additional Gift or Donation

If the Additional Gift field displays, optionally enter the monetary amount of a donation you want to give to the mission of the organization.

Step 8: Answer Additional Questions (If Appropriate)

If there are questions shown, enter or select the answers as appropriate. Note that if a question has an asterisk (*) before it, you must answer it in order to submit your RSVP.

Step 9: Optionally, Extend Your Event Reminder

If you want to have an electronic reminder sent to you more than one day before this event, click the reminder drop-down list and select the appropriate interval.

Step 10: Display Billing Information Page

Click Next Step.

Step 11: Enter Your Billing Information

  1. If you have not logged in, enter your first and last name in the Name fields and your email address in the Email Address field.
  2. Enter the billing address information in the appropriate fields.
  3. For Credit Card Information:
    1. Click the radio button that represents your credit card.
    2. Click into the Credit Card Number field and enter the card number. You can enter spaces or simply type all of the numbers and letters.
    3. Optionally, click into the CVV Number field and enter the appropriate card verification number (typically printed on the back of your card).
    4. If displayed (for Switch/Solo cards), click into the Issue Number field and enter the appropriate information.
    5. Click the Expiration Date drop-down lists and click the appropriate month and year when the card expires.

Step 12: Confirm and Process Your Purchase

  1. Click Next Step.
  2. On the Verification page that displays, check to be sure the information is correct.
  3. Click Process. The Ticketing Confirmation page displays.

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Step 13: Print or Save the Confirmation Page

Send this page to your local printer or save it on your local drive for future reference. Be sure to follow any other instructions on this page.