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Performing Follow Up Tasks for Your Fund

The Follow Up Champion Center Followup Icon page makes it easier to perform fund-related email tasks to increase the monetary support for your fund.

The default list shows a list of all people that you have entered (or, imported) into your Address Book, anyone who has made a donation in support of your fund, and anyone to whom you have sent an email from the Email area in this Champion Center (if not entered or imported directly in the Address Book).

This list shows the number of emails you have sent from the Email area in the Champion Center to each person and if they have opened the email, the number of times they have visited your fund page, and if a donation was made and the date they made it.

In just a few clicks, you can display a specific group of contacts and send them an email from the Champion Center Email Icon Email area. For example, you can send an appeal reminder to contacts to remind them about your fund or you can send everyone in your Address Book an update email about how well your fund is doing.

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If you have received gifts directly from people and want to enter them, refer to Entering a Gift that a Donor Gives to You.