Participant Center Home Tab

The Home tab includes sections for What to do next?, Recent Activity, Contacts, Me, and, if applicable, My Team and My Company. You may also have Newsfeed, Share for social media, and Facebook Fundraising if your organization has enabled these features.

Home Tab Sections

What to do next?

The first list on your Home tab is a list of actions to set up your center. Click each action on the list to go to the correct display to perform the action. Links to step-by-step instructions for each action are located in the menu to the left. The list will update as you complete actions and progress toward your goal.

Recent activity

This list shows off all of your hard work. Donations, messages, page updates, and everything else you do is logged here along with the date of the action.


The Contacts list shows groups of contacts by interaction, and includes the number of contacts in each group. In this example, the participant has 11 total contacts, two contacts have donated, and eight contacts have not been contacted yet. Click All Contacts  to open the Email tab where you can manage and reach out to your contacts.


The Me tab displays your progress, badges, donations, and controls for your personal fundraising website. Record an offline donation, change your fundraising goal, and manage your website from here.

 Me Tab

My Team

The My Team tab displays after you join a team. You'll see messages from your team captain, the team fundraising goal, team badges, team donations, the team fundraising website, and the team roster. The display is slightly different for team captains and team members.

Team Tab comparison

My Company

The My Company tab only displays if you or your team is associated with a company. If you do have the tab, there are sections for the fundraising goal, associated teams, and the company fundraising website. Only the designated Company Coordinator can edit the company's fundraising page.

PC3 Company Tab


Administrators in the organization can create Newsfeed or Messages content to provide you with information. If available, this displays in a carousel at the top of the Home view.

PC3 Newsfeed


Share links to your personal fundraising page on your social media.

PC3 Home Share

Facebook Fundraising

Reach more people by connecting your personal fundraising page to a Facebook fundraising page.

PC3 Facebook Fundraising