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Creating a Personalized Web Address for Your Fund Page

You can personalize the Web address to your fund page to make it easier to remember and share with other people. For example, using PatSmith in the URL may make it easier for people to find the page, especially if you have marked the fund Private.

The text of your personalized Web Address will be added to the main address along with the phrase /goto, so it will take the form:

You can copy the personalized Web address you created and paste it into emails.

Step 1: Display the Update the Fund Page

In the Fund Information area on the Champion Center home page of your fund, click the Create Fund Shortcut link. The Update the Fund page displays.

Note: If you are not in the Champion Center for your fund, click the link that displays the Personal Fundraising campaigns and click the Champion Center or Champion Dashboard link to locate the fund you want to work with.

Step 2: Enter the Text for the Personalized Web Address

Near the bottom of the page, click into the personalized Web address field and type the text you want to use (such as your name or the name of the fund Honoree). You may only use letters and numbers as well as the the period (.), dash (-), and underscore (_) characters from your keyboard. To avoid problems, do not leave any spaces between your entry.

Note: If the organization site address is and you enter TerryBrown as your personalized text, the Web address that you would give to people would be You could also enter Terry_Brown to use or Terry.Brown to use

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Click Save. The Successfully saved changes to the Fund message displays at the top of the page and the Use this URL to go your fund page: instruction with your personalized Web address displays at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can copy the shortcut displayed and paste it into an email.

Step 4: Close the Update the Fund Page

Click Done. The Champion Center home page displays again.