Submitting an Online RSVP for an Event

When you click an event that has a Sign me up button and the RSVP required RSVP Icon icon, you must supply some information about yourself and send the RSVP notice to the event organizer.

You may be able to sign up more than yourself for this event, although the maximum number may be limited.

Note: If you are already a registered constituent of this site, you should log in to your user account before signing up so that your information is available.

Step 1: Display the Event Details Page

Click the event link and click the Event Details link.

Step 2: Display the Sign Up Page

Click Sign me up.

Step 3: Optionally View the Guest List

Click View the Guest List. A new window opens with the Guest List pages.

Step 4: Enter and Select Information

  1. If you have not logged in, enter your first and last name in the Name fields and your email address in the Email field.
  2. To optionally remove your name from the Guest List, if the Check this box if you want your name to be shown to other guests checkbox contains a checkmark, click it to remove the checkmark.
  3. Optionally, adjust the number of guests to be included in this RSVP in the Please specify the number of guests, including yourself, that will attend field..
  4. If there are questions shown, enter or select the answers as appropriate. Note that if a question has an asterisk (*) before it, you must answer it in order to submit your RSVP.
  5. If you want to have an electronic reminder sent to you more than one day before this event, click the reminder drop-down list and select the appropriate interval.

Step 5: Submit Your RSVP

Click Submit. The Confirmation page displays with information about your sign-up.

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