Longview Educational Center

Bullying Policies & Resources

The Longview Educational Center is committed to providing a safe, positive and productive educational environment where students can achieve the highest academic standards. No student shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, bullying, or cyberbullying, therefore, The Home for Little Wanderers prohibits bullying (as defined by M.G.L. c. 71, § 37O) throughout the Longview Farm program.

The Home for Little Wanderers is committed to the research-based Olweus Prevention Program, which aims to reduce existing bullying problems among students, prevent new bullying problems, and achieve better peer relations at school. All students will be expected to participate in the offerings of the Olweus Prevention Program.

Bullying Incident Report Forms (PDFs)

Other Resources (PDFs)

Report an Incident Online
If you are a student who is being bullied, or if you have witnessed a bullying incident among students, it is important to tell an adult. You can use this online form to report the incident (anonymously if you prefer). The information will be sent to the school principal and investigated promptly.