The money you raise by participating in a Do-it-Yourself Fundraiser helps fund important programs that are essential to end-of-life care.

As a statewide not-for-profit, not affiliated with any one healthcare system, end-of-life care is all we do. Providing services to all who seek our services, regardless of anyone's ability to pay remains our unwavering mission. Partnering with generous donors, we bring the community access to critical programs and services throughout Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

  • The Dolores Bos Family Caregiver Support Fund-Designed to provide the assistance and resources family caregivers need to care for their loved ones. The fund provides essential resources including items that improve a patient's comfort, access to a 24/7 caregiver support line, social work support for loved ones and grief support counseling for family members before and after the death of their loved one.
  • Complementary Therapy-Pet visits, massage therapy, and music therapy enhance quality of care for patients nearing the end of life. The gentle touch of massage has been shown to reduce pain and nausea. Music therapy and visits from pets reduce stress and, for some patients with memory disorders, generate positive emotional responses. An art-based program is also available for our pediatric patients.
  • Grief Support Services-A healthy part of the healing process, we offer grief support free of charge to anyone facing the loss of a loved one. The support process begins the moment a patient is admitted helping families address their impending loss. Our highly skilled grief counselors work closely with children, teens, and adults to offer services wherever they can bring the most healing, including: schools, workplaces, senior centers, and places of worship.
  • The Northstar Institute-The NorthStar Institute is a source of groundbreaking research, education, and community outreach initiatives focusing on end of life issues. The NorthStar Institute also serves as a forum where healthcare experts can exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore new ways to improve care.
  • Open Access Charity Care- Hospice of Michigan will always serve all who need and seek our care regardless of age, diagnosis or ability to pay. This program is the organization's commitment to ensure this care is always available.
  • NorthStar Palliative Care-Specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness that may not yet be ready for hospice. This type of care allows patients to continue with curative treatment, yet shares the similar goals of hospice to provide relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness, and improve quality of life.
  • The Jo Elyn Nyman Anchors Programs for Children-A highly specialized program, it exists for one reason: to support children and families facing a potentially life-limiting illness. Whether offering a child the comfort of a pediatric nurse, supporting a family's unique needs, or extending emotional support to loved ones, we never stop finding ways to care.
  • Quality of Life-This is intended for anything that insurances do not cover. Hospice of Michigan has been able to help our families with utility payments, propane, mortgages, rent, lift chairs, unique experiences, travel for loved ones to say their goodbyes, and much more.


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