Facebook postUse Facebook to Help Your Lost Pet.

If you live in Washtenaw County or Plymouth and have lost a companion animal, you can post on HSHV's Facebook page at no cost. Or, for a tax-deductible donation of $20, we can do it for you and highlight it to our followers.

First, please complete a Lost Report so that we have the essential information. Please know, HSHV reserves the right to limit the number of posts per week, in order for them to remain effective. We will try to be as timely as possible in posting it on our page. Highlighted pets must be within Washtenaw County or Plymouth.

Your donation helps pay for the administrative costs to run and help support the Lost & Found program, helping reunite pets with their families. Thank you. We hope you and your companion animal are reunited soon.

For more tips on finding a lost animal, please see our website.

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