Animal Cruelty Investigations

HSHV Cruelty Investigators protect those who cannot speak for themselves -- the unwanted, beaten, hungry and hurt animals -- by responding to reports of animal cruelty, investigating them thoroughly, and working with the Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute offenders.

This important work is completely funded by the generosity of our donors.

What is Animal Cruelty?

Michigan law defines animal cruelty as any of the following:

  • Failure to provide an animal with adequate food, water, a shelter or medical treatment
  • Improperly tethering (or chaining) an animal
  • Abandoning or causing an animal to be abandoned without providing for the animal's adequate care
  • Cruelly beating, torturing, maiming or killing an animal
  • Willfully or negligently allowing an animal to suffer unnecessarily
  • Transporting an animal in a vehicle in a cruel or inhumane manner
  • Either poisoning or exposing an animal to poison
  • The cropping of a dog's ears or the docking of a dog's tails, unless such cropping is performed by a registered veterinary surgeon while the dog is under anesthetic


What to Do if You Suspect Animal Cruelty

To report suspected animal cruelty, call (734) 661-3512 or file a report online.


Call (734) 661-3512 and leave the address, with major cross streets, and a detailed account of what type of cruelty you suspect. Your name and phone number is also helpful, as we may need additional information. Your information will be kept confidential.

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