Foster Care

fosteringThank you for your interest in the Foster Program at HSHV!

What is Fostering?

Our Foster Families provide temporary in-home care for animals until they are ready to return to the shelter, or are adopted. 

Foster Families help us provide the best possible care for all our animals, and play a very important role in HSHV's highly successful adoption rates.

All veterinary care, food and other animal supplies are provided by HSHV. Fostering can last from a few days to several months depending on the needs of the animals and the availability of the Foster Family. Extra training is provided for unique circumstances and medical assistance and questions are handled very quickly.

Wonder where you might best help?

 These are some ways that our Foster Families care for felines:

  • Caring for bottle-fed kittens. These are orphan kittens two weeks and up, who need round-the-clock care until they are old enough to eat on their own.
  • Pregnant mamas or mama cats with kittens. You care for a mother cat while she cares for her kittens.
  • Kittens not old enough for adoption yet will need care until they can be spay/neutered, and can come back to the shelter.
  • Cats or kittens that have medical or behavior concerns that are best cared for in a home, outside of the shelter.

These are some ways that our Foster Families care for canines:

  • Mama dogs with puppies. You will care for the mother while she attends to her babies.
  • Puppies who need socialization and a bit of basic manners training so they will be ready for adoption.
  • Any size dog that needs help with training so that they can become ready for adoption.
  • Some dogs who have been waiting for a home for awhile, or dogs that do not kennel, could need a foster home instead of being at the shelter.
  • There are times that a dog has a medical need, like heartworm treatment, that is best cared for in a quiet, home environment.

We do occasionally need help with small mammals and some farm animals as well.

Who can Foster at HSHV?

Whether you are a grad student, retired, single, in a family, a couple, or roommates, as long as you can make a commitment to temporarily care for animals and have a household suitable, we would love to talk to you about becoming a Foster Parent. 

To foster, you must be at least 21 years old, your own animals (if you have any) must be sterilized and up-to-date on vaccinations, and you must have experience with the type of animals you want to foster. If you're never had a pet, please consider becoming a regular volunteer as a way to gain some experience handling and caring for animals. Potential fosters must also have a home check to make sure they have a suitable space for a foster animal. 

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application below and schedule your foster orientation. If you have questions, please contact HSHV's foster manager at or call (734) 661-3520.


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