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Humane Society of Huron Valley voted "Best Place to Volunteer"

Thank you, volunteers! We couldn't do what we do without you!

HSHV rescues 108 animals, including exotics and purebreds

We're bursting at the seams! If you can adopt, please do! We're waiving adoption fees on adult cats to help them find loving homes faster. Adult cats are FREE!

Humane Society of Huron Valley at CATpacity

We need adopters urgently and are running a special to get them into homes faster - just $30 to adopt an adult cat at HSHV!

We won!

Thanks to you, we swept a bunch of Best of Washtenaw awards including Best Non Profit! Thank you!

Humane Society of Huron Valley earns coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator rating for 7th year straight

Only 4% of evaluated charities have received at least seven consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that HSHV outperforms most other charities in America.

HSHV rescues 71 animals from Michigan Township Supervisor

Adopters needed

Originally 9, now 19, dogs seized in drug raid forfeited to HSHV

We are extremely grateful to Washtenaw County's Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mackie and his team

BISSELL Sponsors Free Adoption Day at HSHV - Saturday, May 5

Adopt an adult cat or dog FREE

Over a dozen Shih Tzus, Birds, and Ponies rescued from squalor in Ypsi Township

Puppy purchaser saw poor conditions of the animals and sought help from HSHV

Biggest Pup Party will Include Flying Dogs

Your dog walks. Runs. And will have the chance to fly... at Walk & Wag!

Siblings of another mother (+ father) stay together

Gus (formerly Guz) and Bella, the non-perfect, perfect pair, find their more-than-perfect adopters.

The cat who wouldn't take no for an answer

Six-year-old Bernie was hobbling along the highway, but was begging to get off the street.

The heartwarming story of Chili

One little pup, two lifesaving trips

Rooting for the underdog

Tatters had more than 3 strikes against him. But not everyone thought so.

Rising from the Ashi

The little phoenix kitty who turned her life around

500 Tiny Lions Adopted by Area Residents

Garvey and 499 other cats celebrate finding homes through HSHV's cat cafe, the Tiny Lions lounge and adoption Center

Looking out for the farm animals

Goats, chickens and ducks -- 20 in all -- suffering in Ypsilanti Township were rescued by HSHV January 3


Know a dog, cat... or person who doesn't like going to the vet? HSHV will come to you!

Dog walkers and others: Please be aware of sharpshooters in parks

Jan 8-31, sixteen Ann Arbor parks will close from 3 p.m. to midnight for City-contracted sharpshooters who aim to kill 250 deer. Parks are not cordoned off, and some entrances don't have signs.

Mailing error! Yellow sticker alert!

Did you send something to us and it got returned to you?

New Year's Resolutions: HSHV edition

5 Resolutions You Can Be Happy About!

Very special puppy seeks a very special home

After a rough 2017, this little 5 month old Bulldog mix is determined 2018 will be the best year ever. It'll be the year she gets a new home.

Two pups, three days, no food

HSHV and you to the rescue -- It's a (wagging) "tail" of two puppies!

Do animals grieve?

Twelve year old Topi came to us this fall after her guardian died. But her love continues on.

Kitten and puppy save each other

Orphaned and clinging to life, these two met and became inseparable

Where did all my backyard friends go?

Wildlife in the winter

"All I can see are ribs and hips."

14-year-old dog gets food, loving care, and a fresh start

3,500 adoptions... and counting

In most places, kitty Ina wouldn't have had a chance. But thanks to you, she was HSHV's 3,500th love story of the year

Beware of Animals Making Poor Decisions While Chasing Tail

7 tips to play it safe on the road

5 days without food

9 birds and 70 fish waited, but their owner wasn't coming. So HSHV did.

Volunteer spotlight: Mark Bertz

He's spent over 2,000 hours with our cats, and they couldn't live without him. Literally.

Choo ching!

HSHV's Love Train fuels up with $20,000 from PetSmart Charities® to save puppies, dogs and cats

How did the turtle cross the road?

With your help, of course! Read 5 quick turtle tips here.

"Some weeks it's hard to buy food for both us and our pets."

How pet food recipients from Manchester Family Services are "bowl-ed" over with gratefulness

Kitten rescued from sewer, after two days of attempts

Community members "mew" and help Ypsilanti Fire Department and HSHV rescue 1-month old baby cat

48 cats seized from Plymouth hoarder

Over the past two weeks, HSHV has rescued nearly 50 cats

5 things you've wanted to know about HSHV

But may not have yet asked

Orphaned Fawn Gets to Walk Again

Though fawns often appear abandoned, their mom almost always returns after several hours with food. Not so for this little guy with deformed front legs.

This weekend's forecast: HOT DOG

10 tips for summer pet safety

Baby boom!

We took in nearly 230 wild animals in May alone!

Are free adoptions a good idea?

Hint: You may be surprised.

Walk & Wag and Run AND WOW!

Nearly 600 dogs walk, wagged and ran to help others

A picture tells 1,000 words

And this is one of our favorites: Ann.

Kitten Rescued from Little Caesars Arena

Detroit's highly anticipated Little Caesars Arena won't open until the fall, but a six-month-old kitten wanted in on the action early.

Cats are counting but not multiplying

HSHV celebrates 10 years of Trap-Neuter-Return

Dexter bulldozer halts for 5 baby foxes

5 cheers for Blue Star, Inc. demolition and A.R. Brouwer!

BISSELL Sponsors Free Adoption Day at HSHV

Saturday, April 29 - Adopt an adult animal FREE

Ahhh, relief

It's been used to successfully treat sports injuries in humans for over a decade, and now, laser therapy is helping our pets.

Volunteer spotlight: Anne Wood-Alatalo

She's one of the many volunteers we're fortunate to know. Here's why.

Animal abusers rarely stop there

Learn why the connection between animal abuse and child/elder/domestic abuse is so important and what to do about it

Starved Pit Bull receives her day in court

And gets the loving home she deserves

What kind of dog is that?

The answer may surprise you.

Big Love

Neglected pigs find solace in each other

We broke the record!

Most adoptions in over 120 years

Sharpshooters are out: Keep animals in

Ann Arbor deer cull begins at the end of January

Volunteer spotlight: Jessica Manees

Special Olympian helps HSHV dogs feel like gold

21 cats found living in wire traps in Ypsilanti Township rescued

Many thanks to the anonymous person willing to be a voice for the animals

19 Puppies Abandoned in Park

Compassionate jogger discovers puppies; HSHV takes them in

Speaking of Compassion

Why breed bans don't make sense

7 reasons why - Thanks to YOU -

the world is a better place for animals

Fur Harvesting Trap Catches "Dog" and Person

Please beware of traps that can harm people and pets - Coyote trapping season in Michigan is year-round

Our Dogs Play for Keeps

All play and no work make for happier dogs and better adoptions

October & November big months for deer-vehicle collisions

Here's how to avoid them

Pets & Pesticides

How to keep your animal friends safe

Celebrating Feral Cat Week

Misunderstood and often mistreated, feral cats have lived alongside us for thousands of years

7 things you probably didn't know about Black Cats

Are you a cool cat? Take the quiz.

Animal Welfare professionals honor HSHV's CEO for "Leading the Way"

"HSHV is not just a model of best practices; it is a strong voice of advocacy for animals."

Top 10 tips for Wildlife

What everyone should know about wild animals

Reward Doubles for Information on Slain Trumpeter Swans

Donors have increased the reward from $1,000 to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible

$1,000 Reward Offered for Information on Slain Trumpeter Swans

Family of swans killed near Parker and Scio Church Roads

PetSmart Charities' Rescue Waggin ends in July, but never fear...

Humane Society of Huron Valley's announces "Love Train" going full steam ahead

The heat is ON

The heat is ON
10 tips to keep your pets safe when it's hot-hot-hot

For cats' sakes!

HSHV turns office into a sanctuary for cats with leukemia

Humane Society of Huron Valley receives top 4-star rating for 5th year in a row

HSHV receives designation among top 6% of charities rated by Charity Navigator

"Mattie's Mutts" inspires many, saves more

Matthew loved animals. And his love lives on.


Try out a pit bull with a FREE 3-day sleepover

Walk & Wag and Run raises over 290,000 "bones" for homeless animals

And receives MPFA's award for Outstanding Shelter, thanks to you!

Deer Doctor makes house call to Ann Arbor

Come to the FREE "Gardening with Deer" workshop

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Tiny Lions lounge and adoption Center (The area's first cat café!) now open

Twelve Dogs Seized from Ypsilanti Township Hoarder

Now receiving medical care, they'll require special adopters

Look out for animals

Spring Safe Driving Tips

Tabby takes off

Cross-country traveling dog finds her way back home

Cat breaks out of prison

Razor wire no obstacle for a cat wanting a home

Every one counts

After losing their sister, Rey and Rolo overcame the odds

When you wish upon a star...

Found lifeless on the side of the road, Andromeda looked for a bright spot

Cat got out?

Harley had a homing device: Linda.

Speaking for the voiceless

Testimony on behalf of a nameless victim

Two starved dogs found, dumped roadside

$500 reward offered for anyone with information leading to prosecution

Young deer found, killed, in middle of golf course

Golf course is 1 of 14 Ann Arbor public areas where city-paid deer cull is taking place

Help protect lost pets

HB 4915 is needed, with changes

Tiny Lions are about to roar

Cat café opening Spring 2016

"I wasn't going to adopt"

How 10-year old 3-legged Christmas Rose changed her mind

Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew

That's kitten for "Rescue me!"

Owners of starving dog to be charged with neglect

The necessity of veterinary care

Santa to deliver adopted pets in our community

Free Christmas Eve & morning delivery for pets adopted December 21-24

Grateful is an understatement

Ann & Ivan & HSHV thank you for making their story possible

No Turkey!

But dozens of birds were rescued and adopted

What we wouldn't do for the love of an animal

Man walks the world... but what happens when he can't walk?

46 animals rescued from local hoarder

Birds, degus, and a rabbit

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