Surrender an Animal

Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision. But if you are no longer able to care for your pet, we are here to help.

Leaving your pet at a shelter should be a last resort. Please review the services we offer that may allow you to keep your pet in your home, including behavior help, pet food assistance, and training.

If you have reached the decision to humanely euthanize your pet, we offer end of life services. To discuss, please call the HSHV Veterinary Clinic at (734) 662-4365.

We know the idea of surrendering your pet to a shelter (even a great shelter) can be a scary prospect. If you think you might want to try to rehome your animal on your own, there are resources that can help. Click here to be redirected to the Rehome website from and the Petco Foundation to get started.



To Surrender Your Own Pet

Please call us in advance at (734) 661-3528 to discuss before bringing us your pet. If you live outside of our service area we may not be able to help you. You may be asked to call the shelter in your area.

Our Intake staff can be reached at (734) 661-3528, 7 days a week, between the hours of 9am-5pm.

Our primary service area is Washtenaw County. Please understand that we have limited space. In order to give every single animal the best chance at finding a new, happy home, we may put your name on a waiting list, or you may be told we are full and have no room to help you. We regret HSHV can't help every animal.

After calling, and if you are told we can assist you, please download and complete an owner relinquish profile form below and bring your pet along with all available veterinarian records and proof of residency.

If you live in Washtenaw County, there is a $30 surrender fee to help pay for your animal's care. (The average animal costs HSHV $325 to re-home.) If your pet has serious health or behavior problems related to aggression that will make re-homing not possible, we will talk to you about the owner-requested euthanasia process.

Animals from outside Washtenaw County are considered out of our service area. We are honored that you want to use our facility to re-home your animal. Unfortunately, there are concrete limits to the number of animals we can serve healthily and humanely and you may be told that we can't help you.

Pet overpopulation is still a real problem and the animals in our identified service area must be our first priority if we are to effectively meet our mission to save lives and reduce unnecessary suffering. If you do not live in Washtenaw County, but are interested in surrendering your animal at HSHV, we require that you call in advance and please note that there is a required $100 surrender fee if we can help you.

If we do not have available space, you may be asked to try back at another time or go to your own community designated shelter. Here is a list of shelters (PDF) serving counties in Southeast Michigan.


To Bring a Stray Animal to HSHV

HSHV accepts stray companion animals from Washtenaw County, Plymouth and Northville City. We do not pick-up stray animals. There is no fee, but we greatly appreciate donations to help cover the cost of care.

Please bring the stray animal to our Intake department during the hours of 9 am-5 pm, 7 days a week. Do not tie an animal outside the building or leave puppies, kittens or rodents in boxes outside the building.

If you live outside of Washtenaw County or Plymouth, please contact the shelter in your county, as we cannot take a stray outside our service area. Furthermore, taking the stray animal to the shelter located in the area it was found will increase the animal's chance of being reunited with its family. Here is a list of shelters (PDF) serving counties in Southeast Michigan.

Please note

HSHV is the holding facility for stray animal in Washtenaw County but we do not pick up stray animals. Members of the public who have found a stray animal should contact their local Law Enforcement Agency for assistance with stray animals.

Washtenaw County Residents: Please call the Washtenaw County Sheriff dispatch at (734) 994-2911

Plymouth City or Plymouth Township Residents: Please call Plymouth Police dispatch at (734) 453-8600

Northville City Residents: Please call Northville Police dispatch at (248) 349-5100



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