Class Criteria and Descriptions

Please read the criteria and description of the training classes so that you can register your dog for the appropriate dog training class. All dogs and puppies must be current on age appropriate vaccinations. If you still have questions after reading these descriptions, please contact the class instructor before you register for a class. Thank you.

Puppy Pre-School

The number one most important thing for puppies is that they are socialized to as many things, places and people as possible.  Once puppies reach a certain age—around 4 to 6 months—their ability to easily accept new experiences begins to wane. For this reason, we promote early and positive socialization and strive to give owners the tools to help their puppy grow into happy and well adjusted adult dogs.  
In puppy class we go over the best ways to meet your puppies basic needs in a way that makes everyone happy.  This class teaches students how to provide outlets for normal puppy behavior and how to manage and control inappropriate behavior such as jumping, chewing on shoes or nipping hands and legs.  We help students understand the importance of and be able to implement management strategies to prevent unwanted puppy behavior such as hard mouthing, potty accidents and chewing on inappropriate items. 
Is Puppy Pre-School for me?  Is your puppy 6 months or younger?  If so, this class is for you!
Behaviors covered:
Sit | Down | Stay | Come | Go to your mat | Leave it | Loose-leash walking | Anti-jumping

Puppy Socialization

During this 4 week social hour, we will work on play time, socialization, body handling and working on basic skills like coming when called.  We'll also help you problem solve having a puppy at home. The sooner the better when it comes to socialization so puppies are welcome to join from 10 weeks through 5 months of age (with two rounds of vaccinations). This class is a great start while you are waiting for your puppy class to begin or as an extra play outlet while you are in class! 
Is Puppy Socialization for me?  Is your puppy 10 weeks to 5 months  If so, this class is for you!

Basic Manners

Basic Manners teaches people how to maintain control of their dog through safe, positive, on and off leash handling.  Everyone has seen the dog who behaves in their home but struggles out in the real world when they see another person, dog or squirrel.  Basic class teaches handlers how to keep their dog focused and in control even the most highly distracting environments.  Basic class teaches people how to motivate their dogs to be excited to work for and with them in all situations. It’s the difference between having a dog who only listens when you have a treat or force them and having a dog who can’t wait for you to give them a command.  We teach people how to naturally motivate their dogs to love working for their owners in all situations. NOTE: Basic Manners is not for dogs that are extremely dog reactive. Dogs that lunge and growl at other dogs may need the Reactive Rover class.
Is Basic Manners Class for me and my dog?
Does your dog need to work on basic manners, such as sit, loose leash walking, greeting guests, coming when called, or stay through distractions?   Is he or she 6 months or older?  If so, this class is for you!  
Behaviors covered:
Sit | Down | Watch | Come | Stay | Leave it | Loose-leash walking | Anti-jumping | Wait

Reactive Rover

Do you have a dog that is PEOPLE-FRIENDLY, but exhibits on-leash reactivity, such as barking and lunging, when he or she sees other dogs?  Does your dog become stressed, uncomfortable, or over-aroused in the presence of other dogs, and do you have a hard time keeping your dog calm and focused when other dogs are around?  This may be the class for you!
Reactive Rover classes will help you understand your dog's reactivity, and will give you methods for managing and modifying it.  We solely use positive methods and work at each dog's individual level, so that over time we can change the dog's emotional response to his or her "triggers."  Our goal is to help you teach your dog focus, impulse control, and relaxation, so that walks and outings can be more fun and less stressful for you both!
Dogs who do NOT fit into Reactive Rover Class:
-Dogs who have done major damage to another dog (such as hospitalizing another dog)
-Dogs who are aggressive towards people
-Dogs who bite their handlers when their handlers try to redirect them from focusing on another dog
For dogs who do not fit into a Reactive Rover class, we would recommend consulting with an in-home trainer first.  Please feel free to contact us for recommendations at and we can refer you to someone who can help.

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