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URGENT -- Missouri's Animals Face New Threats

Missouri’s animals are under assault from Missouri legislators in the form of a dangerous proposed constitutional amendment -- HJR 11 & 7 and SJR 22. 

This amendment will:

  • expose pets and farm animals to abuse and neglect that citizens will not be able to do anything about.
  •  AND, it takes away your right to propose and support ballot initiatives to protect and improve conditions for dogs, cats and farm animals. 
  • The amendment also eliminates current local restrictions on factory farms.

Please use this form to tell your state senators that you want to retain your right to vote on ballot initiatives affecting the welfare of animals.

Tell them you want protection from cruelty and abuse for all Missouri animals.

Ask your state senator to Vote NO on HJR 11&7 and SJR 22.

Animals do not have a voice in the Missouri Legislature.  They need YOUR voice to protect them.

Please contact your state senator now.

Thank you for helping protect Missouri’s animals,

Kathy Warnick

President, Humane Society of Missouri


  • Your State Senator or Senators


Dear [Decision Maker],

Please protect ALL of Missouri's animals by voting NO on HJR 11&7 and SJR 22.

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