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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Humane Society of Missouri!

Now that you've submitted your application, you can begin volunteering at HSMO by submitting your volunteer fee to attend an upcoming Volunteer Orientation where you will learn about our organization and learn the specifics of volunteering.AdoptionVolunteer

Click "configure" below to submit your volunteer fee. If you are registering multiple volunteers, please complete information for each registrant.

Advanced registration of $20 is REQUIRED, no walk-ins will be accepted. The fee includes an HSMO t-shirt, name tag, and other training materials. The $20 fee is NONREFUNDABLE, regardless of your ability to continue volunteer and does not guarantee you a volunteer role.

Open house events are scheduled several times each month. If you are unable to attend listed dates, please check back with us often for additional orientation sessions.

Why is there a fee?
The application fee helps offset the costs of the administrative processing, training materials and other costs that leave a footprint in our finances so that more of our funding can be used toward the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need.

We hope that it's a small price to pay for wagging tails, sloppy kisses, purrs and the warm fuzzies you will receive as a volunteer.

Which session can I attend?
  •  If you would like to volunteer at ANY HSMO location, including Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, you may attend volunteer orientation sessions at HSMO's Macklind Ave. Headquarters.
  •  Those wishing to volunteer at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch ONLY may attend the orientation at Longmeadow.

Questions? Email us at volunteer@hsmo.org

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Register to attend a Longmeadow Rescue Ranch volunteer training.
$20 per person 
Register to attend an upcoming volunteer training.
$20 per person