Hope & Healing: Celebrate Art and Life with Toni Fukuda

October 7, 2017 at the John Theurer Cancer Center

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By October 2017, Toni Fukuda and her friends want to raise $100,000 as part of Toni’s lifetime legacy to present to the John Theurer Cancer Center (JTCC) at an art show and reception which Toni Fukuda herself will curate. 100% of your donation to the Hope and Healing event will go directly to the John Theurer Cancer Center in honor of Toni.


A sculpture of 1,000 paper origami cranes made by donors and well-wishers will be unveiled at this October Hope & Healing event under the direction of world-renowned paper sculptor artist, Jeff Nishinaka. International contemporary established and emerging artists will also display their works, from oils and watercolors to sculptures and other media.  All will be available for sale at the October Art Show fundraiser, with proceeds going to benefit the JTCC.


2017_hope_healing_toni_artist Seven years ago, I discovered a huge lump on my breast and was in terrible pain. I arrived at the John Theurer Cancer Center and they quickly became my lifeline. To my disbelief, I was diagnosed with Stage Four breast cancer. The metastasis had already spread to my spine and other areas of my body.

As a wife and mother of three, I dreaded breaking the news with the awful “C” word. I explained to my three children of ages 9, 11, and 13, that their childhood years were over. It was “time to toughen up”, as I was touched by the hand of God and would be counting on them for emotional support. I had no idea of where to begin to possibly afford treatment. 

Coming to my rescue, two doctors from the John Theurer Cancer Center - Dr. Stanley Waintraub and Dr. Loren Godfrey, partnered to immediately execute a comprehensive treatment plan. I was in awe of how they treated me as if I was their only patient. 

The army fighting for my life was now complete: my loving family, friends, and a community that have stood by my side, and now the team of doctors, medical staff and scientists. 

I am now wheelchair-bound and continue my ongoing battle with breast cancer. Coping with advanced stage four breast cancer, I find that chemotherapy and radiation are no longer an option. My doctors recently discovered that my tumors were no longer responding to chemotherapy, and had spread throughout my body including my liver. As my last chance, Dr. Waintraub and I decided to try one more chemo in the hopes that perhaps it will slow cancer down from its fast track. I am doing my best to survive. 

There are good days and bad days. Each and every day, I am thankful for all the physicians, nurses, staff, and volunteers of the John Theurer Cancer Center who continue to do their best to make me comfortable and make my cancer bearable. The staff continue to be incredibly attentive, caring, and gracious to me and treat me like family. Despite the unpleasantness of my sickness, it is a joy to be surrounded by and supported in this most welcoming and loving environment.

That's why I want to do whatever I can to give back to the JTCC for their years of expert and empathetic care.


For more information or to get involved please contact Nancy Karole Kennedy or click here.

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