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At the end of a year marked by uncertainty, your support is a source of comfort by providing a safe home for the holidays. 
Graduate students called CHW Nahalal Youth Village their home for four years. Sadly, many don’t have another place to call home. Some have come from abroad, while others were removed from highly toxic home situations. 
The graduate dorm funded by CHW is a transition residence before the next stage of life to begin National Service, IDF training, extended study, or employment. Often graduates stay a short time, while others need prolonged visits. 
When you purchase a gift* from our giving catalogue (see below), you ensure that basic needs are provided to make the dorm feel like home. 
Together, we can ensure that HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS gifts are synonymous with the comforts of home.

After purchasing your item(s), you will be given the option of sending out a beautiful Chanukah E-Card to make your gift in honour of a friend or family member.

*Actual items may not be as shown.


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Laptop support for studying
Set of 4 mugs for the kitchen
Set of 3 towels for the bathroom
Glasses for the kitchen
Bowls (set of 6) for the kitchen
Set of 6 plates for the kitchen
Throw blanket for the bedroom
Flatware (setting for 6) for the kitchen
Cookware for the kitchen
Toaster oven for the kitchen
Microwave for the kitchen
Curtains for the bedroom
Desk chair for the studying area
Table for the living area
Chair for the living area
Dresser for the bedroom
Lighting and lamps for the living area
Rug for the living area
Table and chairs for the kitchen
Couch for the living area
Dryer for the laundry area
Washer for the laundry area
Desk for the studying area
Television for the living room
Book shelf for the living area
Oven for the kitchen
Fridge for the kitchen
Bed, mattress and linens for the bedroom
Computer equipment for studying
Air conditioner for the living area
Kitchenette Set
Pre-fab dorm 80 square metres For more info about purchasing a pre-fab dorm, please contact Lisa Colt-Kotler, CEO, at 416-477-5964 ext 105, or at lisa@chw.ca